FEIN MultiMaster MM 700 Max Oscillator

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The MM 700 MultiMaster is our best MultiTool for the most rapid work progress in interior work and renovation.

Supplied with a bimetal saw blade for wood, metal and plastics.

  • Anti-vibration system: continuously safe and pleasant working thanks to minimal vibrations and outstanding noise insulation.
  • StarlockMax tool mounting: more work progress and greater precision thanks to 100% power transmission without losses.
  • QuickIN: tool changes in less than 3 seconds thanks to the patented tool-free FEIN rapid clamping system.
  • 450W FEIN high-power motor: High-power motor
  • with a high copper content, which is suited to continuous use and overload for maximum cutting speed and the most rapid work progress.
  • Tacho generator: constant speeds even under load and infinitely variable electronic speed control.
  • Metal gearbox: ability to withstand high loading and outstanding service life because all the gearbox parts are made from metal.
  • Mechanical interface: for stationary operation in the table or drill jig holder or for securing the depth stop.
  • Industrial cable: large working radius thanks to finely stranded 5 metre rubber cable of industrial quality.
450 W
Oscillations 10,000 - 19,500 rpm
Sound Level 85 dB
Amplitude 2 x 2.0 deg
Tool Holder Starlock Max
Tool Change QuickIN
Cable Length
5 m
Weight  1.60 kg


MultiMaster MM 500

  • Universal E-Cut Saw Blade - 44mm
  • Plastic carrying case