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Oscillator Accessories

Spacer ring and clamping screw for older FEIN MultiMaster models MSx 636, MSx 636-1 and MSxe 636 II, to allow Starlock accessories. Up to 40% improved torque transfer thanks to positive-fit connection to Starlock mounting on accessory side. Flat clamping screw for working flush with the surface.


Adapter used to convert older FSC 1.6 and FSC 1.7 Fein SuperCut machines (without QuickIN) to hold Starlock accessories. Includes adapter and clamping screw.


Depth stop for all saw blades, for accurate working at depth, with effective protection for blade and workpiece. Can only be used with (A)MM 500 / 700 MultiMaster Oscillators.


Adapter used to convert Fein SuperCut QuickIN machines to hold accessories with an 8-star holder (e.g. rasps, sanding and polishing pads).


100mm saw blade and depth stop set. Bimetal blade for long tool life. Set wood teeth ideal for softwood, hardwood, laminate and wall panelling. As a 'mini circular saw', this blade is ideal for long, straight cuts, particularly in laid flooring.


Lubricating agent for working on sheet metals.